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Got the bug now

Im so pleased with myself! On holiday with family in Prague, and I got up with daughter and ran through Prague in the rain at 6am. Then this morning I ran at home again and noticed as I looked down the valley that there was a 'lake' of mist and clumps of trees poked through in the pink dawn light like little islands-made my day. I cant quite believe I'm the same/I'm a sane person. As a special treat today I took daughter to upandrunning and we had gait analysis and got new trainers.Yay! cant wait to run again tomorrow and try them out. And I'm proudly wearing my new C25K graduate T shirt which looks and feels fabulous.

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Prague was an unexpected wonderful city to visit for me. It isn't often thought of as a place to go but I thought it was beautiful.

New trainers and a new T shirt, to go with the new you :D What colour did you go for?


Berry (reddish colour).

I'm not sure about my new trainers though! The man in the shop said I over pronate a bit and so my trainers are supposed to correct this, but since my run this morning I feel ever so slightly sore under my big toes on both feet as though they have been rubbing a bit. No blisters, but I'm hoping this is just 'breaking in' although it didnt happen with my last pair. It might be because I didnt have a rest day though.

Considering trying Park run soon.


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