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W8R3 - Lost the plot

So why am I doing this to myself ? was the big question this morning as I climbed the 80ft hill which starts a half mile into the route and lasts about a half mile. Doesn't matter where I run round here it will involve at least 3 hills but I have got used to them over the last few weeks and they don't bother me, until this morning. I have no idea why this morning was different except that it was VERY bad. My legs refused point blank to take me all the way up the hill so I walked angrily for about a minute, got going again up and over the hill, legs settled down but I then got a stitch which brought tears to my eyes, which got me quite upset which messed up my breathing, which tightened up my throat and ....yep I had to cut my losses and walk home. Such a downer after Wednesday when I ran 2.4 miles in the 28 minutes.

I am on my 4th attempt at this running plan since May (injuries and an unplanned trip abroad scuppered my first 3) and am seriously doubting now that I have the motivation to keep doing this. I have real a real battle within the first 5 minutes of every run getting my legs to settle down and it's putting me off going out there. At the moment the only thing that keeps me going is that I have signed up to do a 5k charity run at the end of this month and I'm too much of a wimp to let them down.


I actually feel better now that I have vented lol

Do you think since i only managed about a mile of running today that I could try this run again tomorrow?

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Let me reassure will get past this it's just a bad run. I can say that from experience as I struggled with all the runs in w8 but I'm now 5 months (or so) past graduation and signed up for my first 10k in October (yikes!!!). If I were you I'd draw a line under it and move on to've already proved you can do 28 mins in r1 and r2.

You'll be fine for the charity run at the end of the month...the atmosphere will help get you through. Good luck for your next run & don't let those gremlins on your should win!


Everyone has bad days and as AliB1 says you've already proved you can do it. I would have a good rest and go for week 9, you can do it!


Thank you both so much for your encouragement.

I put yesterday into touch and went for it again this morning. Took it really, really slow to start and completed the 28 mins - and I had so much left in the tank that i did an extra 2 minutes just to get to the end of the trail.

Feeling great now :)


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