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Lost the plot please HELP!

So I had finally reached week 8 having started the plan last July. Its taken a while but I'm ok with that as I love the feeling after a run, the spring in my step and the smile plastered on my face. But for some reason, I took a week off that's stretched into 3 and now I don't seem to be able to get back on the plan. Every morning I have a conversation with myself "oh look its a lovely morning for a run", " "yes but why not read that good book for a few minutes longer in bed before getting up for work". Hopefully now I've put it down in print, I will have to get up tomorrow!

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Excellent to blog about it... that's what we're here for: to spur you on! Now, as you wake tomorrow, remember that there are at least 20 or 30 people waiting to read about your successful run! ;-)

If needs be, don't get hung up about the time or distance, just go out and enjoy yourself. (Did it myself today and managed 6K... only ever done 4K before).

So, will be looking for your blog tomorrow. :D

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Yes you can do it in the morning! Just think of the buzz you will get when you've done it, no matter how long or short a run you do. Reward yourself when you get back with a cuppa and time with that good book you've been reading. Good luck.

You MUST do the run tomorrow. No going back now! It's in print! Make sure you blog afterwards and knowing that you are doing it tomorrow will encourage me too!!

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Look forward to reading your blog tomorrow whilst you chill after your run!!

Get all your equipment ready tonight, and all you'll have to do tomorrow is step into it!! Just tell yourself you are going to do it, full stop. Besides, you know you want to really, and you'll feel so good afterwards. I'm waiting to read your blog tomorrow! ;)

PS: just go out and enjoy it, no pressure.

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Looking forward to that blog tomorrow! :) Knowing others are looking out for it should really help you with that push to go and start. As conbrio says, don't worry about how far you are going to go, just focus on the first few minutes and getting started.

Enjoy it too! :)

Thanks guys, well no excuses now - I have finished my book and am off to lay out my kit (might try wearing it in bed so I can just roll out the door). Even the rain is not going to deter me. . . .

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Good girl ... add me to the spy network ... will be looking forward to tomorrow's blog with the rest of the support crew. Lots of luck... and I don't think rain is expected! Cheers, Linda x

Well, I had to tell you didn't I? Have just got back from my run, all 28 MINUTES OF IT! Got up before alarm went off, straight into gear, sun coming up and so fresh outside after last nights rain. Half way into warm up walk, a bird pooed down the front of my leggings, but that's supposed to be lucky right? I had already given myself permission to walk for a minute at half way point, but got there and didn't need to. Took it steady, got to 20 mins and thought of you all, had to carry on. But last 60 seconds is uphill, only slight incline but might as well have been Everest. I couldn't even look up, just down at my feet taking one step at a time, my legs felt so heavy. Then Laura - "you've done it" and yes, THANK YOU ALL, you got me through it and I am going to have a GREAT day, you too I hope.

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con-brioGraduate in reply to

Told you we'd be watching! Fantastic result, Eva. Yes, supposed to be lucky, so take it as a good omen that you've beaten whatever it was that kept holding you back.

Enjoy your GREAT DAY! :D

PS My runs are hilly... worst thing is to look down. In one of the earliest podcasts, Laura tells us to look straight ahead... as do other running experts.

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Go girl go , your onwards and upwards from here on.

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Only just read your blog and so glad that as i read down that you dud it i start week 8 sunday and 28 mins seems sooo long but getting out there is the best thing to do well done and keep it up now theweather is brighten up your graduate before yoy know it happy running kate x

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