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Laura's tips

Is there any list of Laura's tips anywhere? I have found them all to be relevant and as I jog along, I often remind myself of the energy required to bob my head up and down and try to keep my enegry focussed on forward motion. Other tips like the breathing technique, stitches etc.

I'd like to be able to refer to those in future, especially if they are from a podcast which is run once instead of one which is done three times.

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Good question, I was wondering just the same this morning. It would save people who use their own music on the longer runs having to listen to half an hour of Laura's music to get the tips. (We love you Laura, really!)


I live in the states and use a program where I can listen to my own music. The day of the run, I listen to Laura to get her advice, then I replay it in my mind as I run. It would be great if we had a source available for her advice other then the podcast. Btw: Laura is much nicer then the evil woman I listen to....she made me run my first 20 minutes last night. ;-)


I'll ry and remember the advice she gives as I do the runs, and then put it in this thread - maybe others can do the same?


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