Laura's podcast advice?

Hi I am about to embark on week 7.. I use the c25k APP.. I can't download the podcasts...

So was wondering if anyone knows the tips.. and advice she gives.. I feel I'm really missing out on some valuable information to help in these next few weeks!  I hear many say..she gives encouragement and other tips on exercise on rest days ect? Big ask I know but any help would be much appreciated :)

 Thanks :)


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  • As far as I know she gives the same advice & guidance on the app and the podcast. The only difference between the 2 is the app lets you use your own toons whereas the podcast subjects you to Laura's dubious choices....... 😀

  • She gives no advice whatsoever on the app..just "begin running for However many minutes.. then ..walk for so many minutes.. the. Only the last prompt is one min left... workout complete?

  • HI Sparky,

    What's the problem with the podcasts? They are here in the white/green boxes - "Week 1", "Week 2" etc ...

    Week 7 link here:

    Re the app - why not just continue to use the app that you have?


  • John it's not an Apple device I have..I use Android.. ?

  • Hi Sparky,

    The podcasts are simple .MP3 files; any player should do the job.

  • The podcasts are simply audio files, in this case mp3 files. Any Android device will play them. However, they're in a ZIP file, so download on your phone and extract the mp3 from it. Your phone should recognise it as a ZIP and prompt you to do the right thing.

    But as has been pointed out, Week 7 app or podcast - there's v little difference . Podcasts have the "music" chosen for you ;-)

  • Thanks john that's brilliant.. and I am very grateful for your help.. but I'm happier using the app coz I really love running with my own music.. I was posting Hoping someone could list the extra advice laura gives?  As I said and THERE seems to be some on the podcast Not on the APP.. lol  gosh now I fee feel a pest :( my son will look more into it and I probably will be able to listen to the podcasts.. but really just wanted to know what she says.. anyway rambling now.. much appreciated xxx

  • Haha! No problem Sparky :-)

    Hope your son can help.


  • She doesn't say a lot on week 7. Tells you to go out steady, gives you your 5 min, halfway, 20 min markers and then tells you at your final 1 minute to speed it up if you can. 

  • Exactly I've never even had her say speed it up..

  • Honestly i stopped using the app at week 7 as i hated laura telling me when i was only 5 mins in. I found using strava to track my distance and just listening to my own music was great and i tended to run further :)

    You can do it!!

  • There is no difference between Laura's input on ether app or podcast. the only difference is the latter has all the bits when she is not talking filled with the aural equivalent of being forcefed fire ants.

  • Grrr

  • It may be certain phones (or maybe my lack of tech stuff) but the app did nothing on my phone. Could not even start the actual run. I am running with fitness 22, my own tunes and only chips in with instructions and doesn't start encouraging until half way through the run. I too feel like I might be missing out, but sound like most of the apps do the same thing fundamentally. (Old Sony Xperia)

  • Does Laura give any advice? apart from the bit about footstriking, which is terrible advice and the one bad thing about the whole of C25k. She gives the odd bit of encouragement 'keep going' and 'more than halfway, now' and so on occasionally. There isn't really that much advice to give 'in-run' really, other than 'slow down!'

  • Nope zilch.. x

  • I use the podcasts. She has given advice on breathing , foot placement and not running up and down to waste energy do far. ( so someone behind a high hedge can't see if you are walking or running). I've found her good useful as a very new runner. 

  • See this is what I mean.. week 7 in and not heard any of this on the app x

  • If you have made it to week 7 without exhausting yourself leaping up and down, and are still breathing, chances are you will be okay. The advice she gives re foot placement only causes people to injure themselves.

  • I used the app and I remember Laura talking about running alongside a hedge and not bobbing up and down. I also remember her telling me to see if I could speed up for the last minute. 😘

  • Check if you are using the nhs c25k app.  There are a lot of c25k apps but only the NHS one has Laura on it. I used the podcast to start and the music really grated so switched to the app, the narrative is the same on both.

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