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Day Two in plaster without running

Just a word of thanks to you all for encouraging me at this very low moment. Who would have thought just a few weeks ago that I couldn't live without running? This afternoon I shall walk 5 k and tomorrow too - then it's off to Portugal with no running kit as planned (boo hoo) but as soon as I'm back home I'll buy one of those exercise bike things and try and get some cycling in as suggested by many of you. I'll to have to wait a whole month while my wrist heals, by which time I certainly won't be able to pick up where I left off, but maybe I'll just have to repeat Week 5 or maybe 4. Whatever. As Phil72 says "life is a marathon and not a sprint". Who knows, with a bit of luck, I may even manage the Reading park run in November, who knows. Good Luck fellow Week Seveners, don't forget me, I'll expect you to egg me on as graduates in November (aaaargh ... that is absolutely yonks away!). Big thank you to you all - I'll shut up now, promise!

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Thinking of DeliaItaly. It must feel like a long time, but it won't be and you won't lose all the fitness. You'll be graduating before you know it.


Ah, it's such a shame, Delia. But you will still get there in the end, probably if you put in all this exercise biking, your legs will be like pistons and when you start running again you'll just cruise through the last few weeks of running to graduate. Brisk walking's also good, if that's OK with your doctor, it's good for your mind and mood too!

Have a lovely time in Portugal, and keep in touch.


You know, I think you'll be surprised at how little fitness you lose. I know it's frustrating - I had to take just two weeks out because of a duff knee - but you will carry on and do it. Have a great time in Portugal.


thanks Anniemurph!


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