I'd have been lying to Laura

After mucho success Wk 4 R1 went in today feeling I could do it even though I'm on one of my bipolar low days. Nope, not a hope. Calves were on fire halfway thru 2nd run so i slowed down, but when i started running the pain was intense. Gave in n went on rowing machine instead just as Laura congratulated me on completing the 5 min run. Stupidly felt awful like I had lied to her or something!!! Feeling like a right failure now. Sorry to sound whingy but really disappointed in myself :(


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  • You did the right thing stopping if you were in that amount of pain, you would have hurt yourself further otherwise. I don't know if you've read Legion's guide to c25k but might be worth a look (especially if you're feeling a bit low):


    There'll be other days and other runs. :-)

  • I'm sorry but that spam has hit my funny button - it's like someone doing a comedy impression... :-D Thankyou very much please ladies and gentlemen, message reported. :-)

  • You shouldn't feel like a failure. Ok, so the run didn't go to plan (we all have those days) but you still got out there to give it a go and that is not to be sniffed at! You should be giving yourself a big pat on the back for that :)

    W4R1 was my 1st bad run, just couldn't do it, got off the treadmill halfway through, no cooldown walk, nothing. But the stubborn streak in me (we all have those too!) made me go back and have another go when I felt ready.

    If your body is throwing out some aches and pains, listen to it, have an extra rest day or two if you need them. It doesn't mean you are a failure, it means you are looking after yourself and protecting your body so it stumps up the goods when the time comes.

    Good luck for your next run!

  • Thanks guys needed a pep talk today. What spam Notbad?

  • It's been removed now Flibbertygibbet, shame as it was so bad it was good.

  • Hey Flibbertygibbit, glad you were able to come on here and share your disappointment knowing that we were all 'with you'. Hey just concentrate on the thoughts of the good days that you have had. As the old hymn goes...Count your blessings, name them one by one and then it will surprise you all that God has done...

  • I'm impressed! you didn't totally give up, you just changed exercises. If I was in pain I'd have probably gone and sulked with a cup of tea, not started on a rowing machine (: Keep positive and remember it's all about the trying and attitude (:

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