NEW SHOES (believe there is an unwritten law by the gods of C25 K that everyone has to post photos of new shoes) so here goes !

NEW SHOES (believe there is an unwritten law by the gods of C25 K that everyone has to post photos of new shoes) so here goes !

I have never ever, ever,ever, ever! shown anyone pictures of new shoes or ever, ever ever discussed the topic of shoes in my life. Apart from when I was given new football boots for Xmas as a child !

Anyway now I've got these hopefully I'll whizz round my parkrun on 17th December

Glad no-one I know is likely to look at this forum. I can imagine my friends and ex-workmates saying "Oooooh Eeeer Joe's gone really weird he's started talking about shoes and even taken photo's of them"

They're New Balance 860v6 . Weren't cheap ! Can't complain got great advice from Assistant. Could have taken ages to get some that probably might not have been suitable anyway at bog standard sports shop. At least now I know what to look for in future.

Probably go back to this shop because the service was great and got what I needed so worth the few extra quid. I spend almost as much time running as I do cycling. Think worthwhile looking after your feet. They support the rest of your body after all. The shop also does cycle stuff with great advice too !

Anyway really nice slightly wide fitting to fit me snug as a bug in a rug ! Got them at local ( about 2 miles away) shop Sutton Runner. Great sales assistant first sportswear shop where assistant was older than me ! He still runs at 63 !

Got gait analysis showing I have slight over-pronation. If that's the term.Strange feeling on treadmill ,thought I was running faster than I really was.

That's the geeky stuff over with. I was looking for an appropriate song for obsessive Geeky running people. Like you lot !!

I couldn't find one. I don't know how to attach videos but I found lyrics about an obsessive Footballing Scotsman by think it's Jimmy McGregor !

Here are the lyrics. Just need some poet or other to substitute appropriate words for runners !

Some of you more mature runners may have heard this and know the tune.

Lyrics to 'He's football crazy' :-

I have a favourite brother

And his Christian name is Paul.

He's lately joined a football club

For he's mad about football.

He's got two black eyes already

And teeth lost from his gob,

Since Paul became a member of

That terrible football club.


For he's football crazy,

He's football mad,

The football it has taken away

The little bit o' sense he had,

And it would take a dozen servants

To wash his clothes and scrub,

Since Paul became a member of

That terrible football club.

In the middle of the field, one afternoon

The captain says,

"Now Paul,

Would you kindly take this place-kick

Since you're mad about football?"

So he took forty paces backwards,

Shot off from the mark.

The ball went sailing over the bar

And landed in New York.


His wife, she says she'll leave him

If Paulie doesn't keep

Away from football kicking

At night-time in his sleep.

He calls out 'Pass, McGinty!"

And other things so droll

Last night he kicked her out of bed

And swore it was a goal!


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24 Replies

  • They look great Joe. Enjoy! Lovely photo too.

    My previous pair of running shoes were NB, I loved them and they served me very well!

    Happy running👟👟

  • Nice shoes - I hope they give you wings!

    And don't worry, we won't tell anyone that you've posted a photo of them.

  • Well, we would tell people, but we don't have their contact details... :)

  • Very sleek and San Tropez Joe :) Wishing you many happy miles in them :)

  • Well done Joe! And they are lovely too!

  • Whats all this ? Posting photos of new shoes ? Cant say Ive heard of that before . Where's that come from ?

    Ha ha ! Only joking Joe , yes of course , its just got to be done . You cant buy new shoes and then not post a pic. If you do , we all come around to yours and rattle on your letterbox 'till you let us have a look :-D

    Hope you have lots of happy running adventures in yours . They look the business ! :-) xxx

  • Haha I love that post! Running changes us all in so many ways but I hadn't thought about the particular transformation of someone newly posting pictures of their new shoes on social networking sites. (I have never had an issue with posting pictures of new Doc Martens or whatever on Facebook so it was no great stretch to me to put new trainers pictures on here...)

    And, oh my, I haven't heard that song for years but sang it in my head as I read the lyrics.

    PS Your shoes are very smart. Happy miles and miles. :)

  • Nice shoes... enjoy.. promise I wont tell your mates!!!

    On a serious note... it is always imformative to new runners what make and type of shoes people buy as there is huge selection to choose from these days. Also good to hear that you went to a running store to buy them and got your gait looked at.

    They are the most important bit of kit that we use and making sure the fit is correct will certainly help is keeping any runner injury free.

  • I remember that song so well. What a blast from the past - you've taken me right back to my youth (quite a long time ago it has to be said).

    Shoes look great, and sounds like the shop assistant really knew what he's talking about (which is unusual in my neck of the woods). I hope you enjoy christening them soon.

  • Nice! And a 63 year old runner? - that's a junior you know, you've got to hit 80 before you get anywhere near 'veteran' now in this you'll be going a few more years yet.......😉


  • Sorry don't like to split hairs but the Shop Assistant was 63 years old . I'm a mere youngster at 60 and 11/12th. I'm 61 in January !

    Do you know when you start to slow down ? Or will it be a case of standing still while everyone around you gets slower ??

  • Ha ha, Well I'm already slow, so, not much hope for me....I call it 'sight seeing' 😄


  • Yes, and the shop worker is a mere youngster, as well, as I just graduated couch to 5k at 70!

  • I have the v5s, good where are your mates?!😂

  • Oooooh thems good uns! Your laces are undone though! You will have lots of lovely running adventures in them babies. Have you taken em out for a spin yet?

    Jimmy McGregor! I have some 78's of him playing his accordion. No I don't!!!!!! That was Jimmy Shand. Ha ha I'll get me coat

  • Yes christened them this morning and ran to work in them. apparently they are luminous. One of girls from co-op saw me ! So there I am trying to look inconspicuous and I'm lit up like a Christmas tree !

  • And me, I've never looked forward to pictures of other peoples' shoes!

  • I love it !

  • Well, I for one think they are extremely smart running shoes and will serve you well. May you have many happy running miles in them. (As if we'd tell your mates! "Oi, mate of Joe, have a sneak peak at his trainers 👟!'") The sad or happy thing is, we discuss trainers on this forum like some people talk about cars. There is, I am sure, "trainer envy" out there, or perhaps just "trainer appreciation." Happy running my friend. 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀😀

  • Very nice shoes! I hope you have many a wonderful run in them until they reach retirement!

  • Luminous is good when you are running at dusk and in the dark. you want to show up then!

    I do believe Santa is bringing me some particularly reflective ones, if I'm good apparently. Better stop swearing at the pc then! It's doing my head in again

    As for getting slower as we age, I read somewhere that we can speed up if we are new to running. I know I have. I am 59 now. I am inspired to keep running and racing (although new to it since C25k) when I pitch up at races and parkrun and see elderly women ripping the place up. Biddy power! I did a fell race recently and this seems to be the place for older women to do well and out-perform much younger folks who go off too fast and are left for dead by white-haired runners. It makes me optimistic for the future

  • That's interesting. doing a park run week on Saturday. I noticed on their website they do some statistics and some are age related. I was amazed for a voluntary organisation that they managed to do that. I'll give you all the low down when I've done it. Hopefully remember to get someone to take a photo.

  • Parkrun give you detailed stats by email. Your results by mobile phone are practically instant. Parkrun usually have folks taking pictures, which get put on the website/facebook page post run and they have the link so you can get them for free. They do a splendid job all round.

  • Sassy shoes.. go you.. out there with the new shoes.. :) Happy running... :)

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