Down but not out!

I guess I was getting complacent, 3 weeks preparation to be able to even start the C25K because to begin with I couldn't even do W1R1, W1 then completed, then W2 and W3, W4R1 and W4R2 .... couldn't do W4R3, fell off the proverbial cliff! Medical issues and mental issues followed (mostly mental!), aided and abetted by Christmas and New Year, so I went back and re-tried W3 and called that a practice run, re-tried W2 and called that a practice run as well. Re-started back at W1, re-completed W1R2 today, disappointingly hard going (on the treadmill, slighly faster than I did it the first time round) but at least I got there once again, but only just. Thanks to support here I am at least back and trying again. Definitely not out!!


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19 Replies

  • "Practice runs" are great for building stamina😉

    Well done for keeping getting back up, it will pay off.

  • It's quite normal to need the reassurance of re-doing weeks to build confidence and endurance. Don't beat yourself up, we've all done it. The 9 week programme took me 6 months but I got there in the end. Don't be demoralised, you are still doing it. 👣🐢🏃🏿

  • Well done, wouldn't try and go faster tho'

  • Definitely not out! Set backs come and setbacks go. You're still here :) Just take it nice and slow...

  • Well done for getting back into it. Just remember - slow and steady

  • Well done for keeping going- you can do this!

  • Go you!

    True Grit could be the other title for your post. Because you are determined and you will do it...:)

  • It takes guts to start it again. I have just completed week 1 myself. I would hope that if I fell off the wagon I could start it again but not so sure so be proud and keep going.

  • I was wondering how you were doing, so very glad you've posted. I can understand it must be disappointing, but a huge well done for not throwing in the towel. You've done it before and you can do it again, and you know you'll get lots of support on here.

  • Thanks, Sarah ... how far have you got now? On to marathon training yet?

  • Hahaha. I'm saving that for next week!

    I tried W5R2 this morning, just about managed the first run and then pulled a calf muscle a couple of minutes into the second run, so am stalled there for now. I found it really tough so can well imagine I'll be in the same place for a little while.

  • Quick recovery ... you're doing really well, my hero!

  • Haha - Thank you :-)

  • Good for you. The easy thing to do would be to give up. But one thing everyone on this forum who pushes on through has is GUMPTION (one of my very favouritest words ever!).

    Keep it up, it will most definitely be worth it!

  • Congratulations on starting over again. I think you are very determined and therefore you will achieve this. Don't worry if you have setbacks, just keep on slow and steady, you will get there, it doesn't matter how long it takes, it will be worth it. Well done. :)

  • Well done David. Just stick at it - no matter how slow, how long it takes. It is really worth doing and one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

    No need to up the speed - just keep going for the time.

    Good luck!

  • Well done for getting back to it. You can and you will get back to W4 (and beyond). Wherever you start again, you are doing a lot better than if you were sitting on the couch. Stay slow, tell those gremlins where to go. So many people find a run or two (or many!) that they struggle with in the programme. We all started from similar places and the resilience is what gets you to the end, not ability. Keep going, we're here cheering you on!

  • you can do this, just build it back up slowly

  • Thanks - just finished W2R3 for the second time around. Yipee!!

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