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Curse the bus stop!!!!

W4 R2 today and as a 5.30 am run generally starts in the dark (not helped by street lights out at the mo) I thought i'd have a change of route,which meant a 5 minute run involved up hill, as i was nearing give up mode i spotted someone stood waiting for a bus and rather than loose face it was head down and ignore the fact my lungs were on fire.. I suppose they did me a favour but i was wishing them further i can tell you

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lol - that is so funny, i can relate to that.The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. It wasn't on a hill either! As long as it inspired you to go on. That is the most important fact


I think a few of us will relate to keeping running/putting on a wee spurt/trying not to look as if we're not on our last legs... when we pass someone, even if they are complete strangers! WEll done on keeping running.


I love how we can drag energy up from the very bottom of the barrel when we're almost dead but a human bean appears and we put on a spurt!


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