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The Curse of The Week 6

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Sometimes it seems that if you tell something so definitely to the universe, it will give you a middle finger.

I will not fall short in week 6. I will battle through to the end. I pretty much chiselled this on stone tablets.

Yesterday, I woke up confused and utterly fatigued - not running related, way beyond that. And then apparently I went down like a shot goose and had some kind of fit / seizure, bruising anything that flapped on the hard floor. Never had anything like this before and no apparent rhyme or reason why I should start now.

I know what you’re thinking, why does it always happen to the good guys? It’s because I took the piss out of God’s beard I think. Or the time I high-fives a Buddha statue. Or when I laughed at a dog walking into a lamppost.

I’m currently in AMU and under observation, and BORED. If you’re considering having a seizure, don’t. It’s crap.

Can’t run, can’t drive, can’t waltz (couldn’t anyway), can’t go home, can’t relax.

Happy running you lot. Do a lap for me.

25 Replies
Jell6 profile image

Oh, I am sorry to hear this. Very worrying. I presume you have had blood tests, scans?.

Try to be a good patient, and hopefully you will have some answers soon. I presume you don't want to discuss your results here. But fingers crossed it's nothing too serious. Take care. X

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PaulS83 in reply to Jell6

Yes, bloods and CT scan, and a Covid test to boot. Scan reports in the morning but unofficial results look OK, no obvious bleeding or voids. Quite surprised there’s no void, I thought there’d be one right through the middle. They’re not sure why it happened so are talking about seizure clinics for more investigation. Hate sleeping in hospital though. They seem to always bunk me next to the sick ones.

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Jell6Graduate in reply to PaulS83

They might feel the same about being next to you!. Try to get some rest. Hopefully you can go home tomorrow, nothing obvious on the CT is a positive.

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PaulS83 in reply to Jell6

And what do you mean by “Try to be a good patient”. You should know me by now, I’m an absolute joy!

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Jell6Graduate in reply to PaulS83

I'm sure you're a delight!

Hobbler profile image

Oh Crap.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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PaulS83 in reply to Hobbler


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Wow, someone up there really doesn't want you to get through week 6.

At least you're in the best place to get some answers - keep us posted and take care xx

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PaulS83 in reply to Tartancat

I know, the bastards.

Thanks Tartan

B1GK9 profile image

That sucks, wishing you a speedy return to your running shoes.

IannodaTruffe profile image

Look after yourself and best wishes for a speedy return to fill health..........and running.

Take care.

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Oh wow Paul, that’s not good news. Hope all the tests come back clear and it was just a one-off. What a downer though. I’ll squelch through some puddles for you on my next run.

Take lots of care. 😀

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PaulS83 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks. I’ve often been accused of being a puddle jumper, so it’s handy having a by-proxy

SeeJillRun profile image

Oh crikey, that’s not good! Fingers crossed they manage to figure out what’s going on n that it’s nothing sinister or long term 🤞🤞🤞

nowster profile image

Not the sort of fit you were hoping to be.

Take care!

I can't sleep in hospitals either. The last time I was an in-patient the TV/radio/phone thing crashed not long after I'd come back from the op and didn't work for the rest of my stay.

PaulS83 profile image
PaulS83 in reply to nowster

Ha! Moral of the story: be more specific when praying.

Jericho2332 profile image

Holy crap! Scary stuff! They will get you sorted in there, hopefully all will be well and not keep you sidelined to long 🤞🏻

Sybilw profile image

I’ve seen you like responses based on ethnicity. We Scots would say they it sounds as if your coat is on a shoogily peg! I’m exaggerating of course but I gather you’re not adverse to a bit of that yourself!! Have you cottoned on that I’ve enjoyed your posts 🤔. Hope you get good news soon

PaulS83 profile image
PaulS83 in reply to Sybilw

I’ll have you know my peg is far from shoogly. It’s just slightly leftwards biased.

I started liking responses but then had to make some seriously tough choices with remaining shred of battery life. And level 6439 of candy crush isn’t going to wedgie itself now, is it.

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SybilwGraduate in reply to PaulS83

Seriously I hope you get good news soon. And I’ll continue to enjoy your posts!

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I'm very sorry to hear that Paul. Hope it's nothing too serious - chin up lad!

Alast profile image

Shucks mate, that is shocking news, I hope that the results are all positive that that the medical bods can get you back up and at it ASAP.

I am currently on a (mostly) apathy related running rest at the moment but if I can overcome this then my next outing will be on your behalf.

Please keep us posted, I know you'll stay positive and (selfishly) keep us amused with your reports.

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Hope you had a semi decent night's kip and you answers and to go home soon

Birdlady64 profile image

OMG! Scary stuff!

Hope its nothing serious and that you're back home soon , and smashing week 6!

Wenderwoo profile image

Sorry to hear this Paul. If it was a time for jokes then I'd quip 'any blumin excuse' but now is not the time unless you need cheering up 😉

I do hope they can get you sorted soon and you can get back to keep us entertained with your running adventures

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