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Week 2

Hi guys, started week 2 yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually feel like this is going to happen!

I must admit that after working behind a bar on saturday night, that my feet were aching when I got up to do the run, and it did take a lot of will power to peel the duvet off myself and get the running gear on!

Today is a rest day, however, I tweaked my calf this morning just walking up stairs! Thought it was cramp at first but still aching now, so hope that its not too bad and that I'll be able to do my run tomorrow!

I've also been tracking my food with Myfitnesspal app on the Iphone, which has been so easy....I had already lost a stone using this prior to starting the C25K and was not expecting any weight loss after week one with extra water retention etc. however, I lost 3 pounds, which I was chuffed to bits with.

Hopefully this will continue, as I have another 90lbs to lose!!

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Getting out of bed after a shift on your feet the night before shows brilliant determination, well done :-)

I think its also a good idea to take your measurements (waist/hips/upper arm - that one is tricky unless someone helps you - chest and thighs), and check them every so often, once amonth or so. I havent always lost weight since taking up running but have and still am losing centimetres and toning up a treat.


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