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This really works! But I need new shoes!

Just a quick blog to anyone thinking about doing this programme or doubting your own ability.... I have just got back from week5 run 1 and I cannot believe I have run for 5 mins three times this session and it didn't feel as difficult as week1 where I struggled to run for 60 seconds!

I really thought I wouldn't be able to do this and would give up (Have tried running twice before and always given up) But the way this programme works is just unbelievable. So impressed! I am so looking forward to graduating and being able to listen to my own music!!

Only thing I am noticing as the runs get longer is that my old battered gym trainers aren't as supportive as I would like. They are Asics which are the comfiest trainers I've worn and have seen me through a couple of years of on/off gym going.

Just wondering if I can buy some new Asics from Sports Direct and they'll do the job as well as "proper" running shoes... what's the difference?

Anywho, I'm off for a shower and will remain with a smug look on my face today!

Happy running :)

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I'd actually go to a shop and try some on (or even have gait analysis). No reason you shouldn't find a reasonably priced pair of Asics running shoes, especially now that a lot of this year's models are in the sale. You'll probably find that with the longer runs coming up, specific running shoes are worth having. Mine are Asics, too and I love them! :-)


It's worth going and having the gait analysis. I can't believe how much better my new running shoes are. It's like running on air. I wish I'd got decent shoes to start off with as my hip has been on and off sore since the beginning, and is only know in week 7 getting any better (bought my shoes in week 4).


well worth having proper running shoes and as tantrumbean says last years models are currently a bargain!! I am lucky and live near a sweatshop and I love it. They do fab gait analysis, from what i have read not all analysis is great! reasonably priced and 30 day return on shoes, so if the ones you buy arent right you can take them back.


Okay, great thanks for the tips. I will have a look round the sales for a bargain!


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