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Great run tonight and almost cracked the 5k point! At last!

I've been doing the 5k+ podcasts for a few weeks now, alternating between them all and after two bad runs back to back this week where I felt really slow and sluggish throughout, tonight I tackled 'stamina' and it was a really good run!!!

I tracked my route online afterwards and I think I almost did 5k (4.8k if google maps is to be believed)... that was after 35mins of running so thinking if I add a few more minutes on to that I should finally crack the 5k! At last!!!!

I'm finding it really hard to know exactly how far I'm running though wthout investing in some expensive kit!


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If you have a suitable phone, there are plenty of free Apps you can use eg MapMyRun, Runkeeper. Probably not as accurate as a Garmin but they should give you a reasonable idea of time and distance.


Excellent work! Keep it up. I recently managed to do my 5K (5.01Km in fact!) in 30 minutes. I'd failed to do it pre-graduation and was hoping that the 5K+ podcasts would push me that little bit harder. Well, after three times through the Stepping Stone podcasts i did it - I was so proud of myself!

As sfb350 says above, there are plenty free applications available if you own a smart phone. I made extensive use of Endomondo on an Android phone when I started the programme and, even though the GPS can sometimes be a little off*, it's a real booster to see exactly how far you've run.

(* this may be to do with the fact that my main route is almost entirely within a forest).


Thanks, after looking through some old blogs/questions on the subject of distance last night I saw a few people mention endomondo. I downloaded the free app last night so will def give it a whirl when I go out tomorrow! Thanks for your suggestions xxx


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