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week 6 run 3 see you again on Sunday :(

Oh dear that didn't go well. I was in the wrong frame of mind from the start - just knew I couldn't manage 25 minutes. Got to 12 1/2 and that was it. Had to walk the rest. Tried to start up again with 5 minutes to go but only managed another 60 seconds before my legs gave out. My thighs still feel like lead.

Try again Sunday I suppose, sigh

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Never mind, as Laura says in another podcast: A bad run is always better than no run. Just have another go on Sunday and hopefully you may find that it is a lot easier.


As someone here once said to me. Just think you were still going faster then person on the sofa. Put this one behind you and remeber we al have bad runs at some point. Take an extra day if you need it. Maybe your body is saying it needs a rest.


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