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Done it!

Its taken a little longer than 9 weeks but I've done it!

Today saw my best ever distance and best ever pace.......and best of all it was W9R3. I even felt as if I could have gone on a little longer (but not much!)

This plan has definitely worked for me! Congratulations to others who have graduated this week and good luck to those who are heading towards that goal.

I am now determined to keep on going - next target is 5km of actual running and then 5km within 30 minutes. I am probably 3 weeks from achieving the 5km of actual running assuming a similar progression to W7-9 of the plan but its in my sights!

Now I feel another glass of water and then a message to JR21 requesting my shiney badge.

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Well done Simon76. I hope my W9 R3 goes as well tomorrow. :-)


Good luck to you - it'll be a breeze!


Well done. Lovely to hear you plan bigger and faster things. Have you downloaded the 5k+ podcasts yet? :)


Fabulous achievement, very well done! :)


Well done a great achievement.


Well done and enjoy your future running life!


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