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Can anyone recommend a waterproof armband holder for ipod or HTC phone that's suitable for *thin* arms?

I've tried quite a few but they are all too big. The bands themselves are usually ok

but there is never enough velcro to tighten it. I might have to get one and do a DIY job with velcro on it.

This is what I use at the moment:

So not waterproof :(

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If you want to continue shopping at Sports Direct this may be a better solution....

But I would recommend contacting them to discuss if your phone/mp3 player will actually fit and what size it will reduce too.

We sell this one and it has proved a big hit with our customers..

This model does take the iPhone and without any adapting will fit down to 29cm, however if you are handy with a needle and thread you can cut off the hook part of the velcro and sew it back on further down the strap it can be reduced further to 22cm..



I tried all the Karrimor ones at Sports Direct and they do not fit my arms. Not sure what size the iphone is in relation the HTC.

There's lots online but I'm reluctant to buy as I need to try first, for my arm and phone/ipod.

Will measure my arm!


I use one of these for my iphone and i don't have huge arms or anything.

Although, as this is the internet, I obviously have ripped bulging biceps that make everyone swoon <cough> ;)


It gives the minimum arm circumference as 25cm, and mine seems to be just under :(.


I bought the Sports Direct one and could just about get away with it on the smallest setting. When I started to run though I then found that I flicked between feeling that it was too loose to thinking that it was cutting my circulation off!

Once I'd got to about Week 7 and realised that I was probably in this for a while I 'invested' a whopping £15-ish in a pair of Ron Hill capri pants with a zip in the back (TK Maxx sell them). I wasn't convinced that my iPod would fit but it did, easily. And, let's just say that I get a very unladylike 'glow' about me and was worried about sweat getting in. A cheap, small food bag to pop my iPod in before I start and everything is fine now! I appreciate that this only works if you are quite happy to leave your phone untouched for the whole of the run though.


TK Max is great! That's where I got my capris too, although the pocket is tiny. I might go back and look for some of those with the bigger pocket at the back.


I got one from ASDA that was just their own brand of sports stuff and they go a lot tighter than the size I put them to.


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