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Finished week 7 on a high and 4lbs lighter!

I have absolutely loved my runs this week. I have really found my stride and sorted out my breathing and I no longer have the 'when will this be over' thought racing round my mind for the whole 25 minutes.

After a 5 day break from running while I was at a festival I was sure my final run of week 7 would be somewhat of a disaster, if I finished it at all. But I went out with a positive attitude and told myself I would finish it even if it meant going a bit slower than usual. And then endomondo came on in my ear telling me I'd run the first km in 5minutes 55 seconds - that's my first ever sub-6 minute km! After that I was spurred on for the rest of my run, and the pbs kept coming. I was consistently running sub-6min 20sec kilometres which I was very pleased with, and meant I completed over 4km by the end of the 25 minutes which was my furthest ever distance! I was so so pleased and I now know never to doubt myself again and just to get out there and give it my best and I might surprise myself.

In other news I weighed myself for the first time since the end of week 5 (so 2 weeks) and I've lost 4 pounds! A bit of a one off as I have been very busy and haven't had time to eat properly but I am still over the moon about it. I will weigh myself again next monday to see if I have lost anymore.

And now onto week 8!

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Brilliant, congratulations. Blogs like yours are helping to encourage me to continue, thankyou


So good to hear that, nice to know I'm not just talking to myself!


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