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W9R1 - My turn to get lost!

So, after the weekend from hell (3 break-downs in 2 different cars) I've spent 3 days waiting in for parts deliveries. This meant I've not had a chance to go out to either the gym nor to start week 9. So yesterday evening after waiting all day for a non-existent exhaust, it was just gone 7 and I decided to bite the bullet and go out before it got dark. Now usually, I walk to the nearest field and run laps round it. No chance of getting lost, the slope up one side easily balanced by the slope down the other, no problem. Except last night it would appear to be football training. 2 different sets of kids, 2 different sets of adults to stare at me puffing round the field. Nope, not gonna happen. So I decided to be brave and run somewhere else. I've got half an hour, shouldn't be a problem, I thought. So I ran up the slope, out of the field and down a track wondering where it led. To a bridle path no-one has been down in years by the look of it. I couldn't say I ran down it, more like fought thru briars, trying to avoid the most massive slugs I've ever seen in my life and trying not to fall off into the ditches on either side. I've read other blogs about slugs - now I know what they mean. Eurgh!

Eventually I came out into an industrial estate. Actually this was great, no-one about, flat paths, no slugs. Oh and in the midst of this Laura was giving me 5 minute checks. Normally 1 lap of the field is about 5 minutes and I would be mentally telling her to shut up, I know I've got *however many* laps to go. But now, I was thinking "really?" Didn't realise I'd been gone that long. So I kept following my nose, not really sure where I was or where I was going, but having a good look around and the time flew by. By the time i realised where I was I was almost home and Laura said "last 5 mins". I felt good enough to up the pace and properly ran. I felt great!

So, lesson 1 - look where you're going! Lesson 2 - don't be afraid to run in new places. lesson 3 - I WILL graduate this week!!!

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Sounds like a fantastic run, I've taken to exploring. It make the runs even more enjoyable :-)


Well done! Ugh about the slugs. You were brilliant not to be put off by the crowds in the football field, slopes, slugs, ditches, etc. Good luck for the last 2 runs - nearly there!


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