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Snooze button syndrome and a stitch

25 minutes and no walking? I must be at the end of week 6 already. Wow!

At 6.30 am I'm ready to rock and roll, at least that's what I thought. Unfortunately my legs had decided to hit the snooze button and my brain spent minutes 3 to 10 dragging my legs kicking and screaming through the streets of the village but they eventually realised that I was not going to back off and walk so they towed the line. This is becoming quite a battle each morning I run and it doesn't seem to matter how long I warm up or how fast/slow I start my runs. Any suggestions or do I just have to accept that I have sleepy legs? :(

Once the battle was won I really enjoyed the run up and down the various wee hills until my 20 mins beeper went off and I got my first stitch. What a fright - haven't had one of them for over 35 years!! However, having an accomplished marathon runner for a sister is a great bonus and I got rid of the stitch easily without even slowing down. Happy days.

After 25 minutes of running I had covered 2.01 miles (very hilly course) Not going to give Mo a run for his money just yet but I'm chuffed to bits and may break out the banjo later :)

Back to interval running on Saturday - my training plan says 2 x 12 mins with 1 min recovery. Lovely lol

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