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W1R1 completed (retrospective)

W1R1 completed (retrospective)

Well that wasn't too bad at all. I found that the walking elements came just as i started to need them. I realise that this week is at a level designed to be accessible to all ages and abilities, so i figure a lot of the challenge still lies ahead. I'm looking at maps to determine more suitable routes, but I'm moving house soon, so it's not too important

I didn't start wheezing at all and i suspect that before c25k, I was pushing myself too hard too soon when running.

All in all I'm a bit pleased with myself and am going to put in place a reward jar I've read about. Every time i run, I'll put in £2. This is money for me to save up and spend without guilt on a frivoulous purchase. Something i want but don't need. Conversely, every time i fail to run, be it because of schedule, aching, or rain. I have to take a pound out.

I think i'm going to need some change.

Jar contents = £2

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I like that money jar idea. A bit more motivation too, watching the jar fill up. Nice idea :)


Hah, if that was me, I'd probably just cancel my run every time I needed some cash and help myself from the jar!


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