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Up & down, will do it, won't do it, legs still hurt! Still no fags!

Ok, did week 4 run 3, calves & shins still hurt (allot), stretched after, stretched the next morning & I don't know why but decided to go on a bike ride. Nice and easy, 5k in about 35 minutes just a steady pace & I felt much better.

Despite this I wasn't overly optimistic for the first week 5 run today, however I pissed it, calves & shins still hurt(allot) but f#ck it I don't really care, 3 x 5 mins plus warm up/warm down just over the half hour mark & I did 4.72k's in total.

Also I still haven't had a fag!

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Good going! That's the spirit!

Just outta interest, what trainers are you wearing? When I started, I attempted running in my casual reeboks and had al manor of pain in my shins. So much so, I coudln't even complete two of the 8no 1min runs. Bought a pair of running trainers (cheap ones at £35) and never experienced that shin pain again!


I have Adidas trail trainers as i run off road & a little bit of forest, I am gonna go & have a gate analysis as I am gonna get to the point where I can't make the next run.


Nice work on staying off the fags (ex smoker who knows it's hard).


Well done you for sticking with the runs in spite of all and especially for staying off the fags! Decent trainers designed for running definitely worth the money in my book. Keep up the good work. :-)


Great work. :) If you're still getting those leg pains then gait analysis sounds like a good idea. You may have good shoes but they just may not be 'right' for you for running. I've been virtually pain free throughout c25k (just occasional tiredness) but I've also had the right shoes from the very start. You could also try doing some shin splints exercises (trying searching on YouTube) as these may help.


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