First day already injured!

I just started the couch to 5K program this morning. I stretched, warmed up, wore the proper shoes etc. I was just hitting the 18 minute mark of my 20 minute walk/run when my left hip started aching! I slowed it down and tried to walk it off. I am now at work and cannot even walk because my hip is hurting so bad! What the heck went wrong!!!?

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  • Oh no you poor thing! All I can say is rest and start again when you're feeling better. My knee hurts since I started running and I have never had problems before, I am hoping it is just a new runner injury! Good luck x

  • Oh dear, that's very unfortunate! I only stretch afterwards after having read lots of things saying that stretching before a run can cause injuries, but I'm no expert, just a beginner! But from my very limited personal experience the fast warm-up walk plus a good lot of stretching afterwards has worked well. Rest well for a few days and try again - good luck.

  • I had to take 10 days off during week 2 as I had pain in my knees and shins. I rested, let the pain go completely and got back out there, starting with a week 1 run, before moving to a week 2. Take your time, theres no hurry to get to 5k, let your body repair and go again. I did and it's working. Good luck!

  • Thats good to know actually. I was considering just trying to walk it off but I fear that will worsen it. I am going to rest, take anti-inflammatorys and ice it as much as I can . Thanks for the advice!

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