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Trying out the treadmill for Week 8 Run 1

After 8 weeks of running, I think I have finally found the perfect time for me to go running. I set my alarm for half 9, had a couple of crepes for breakfast, and waited a couple of hours before heading to the gym.

Normally I only have 1 or 2 rest days between runs, but the last time I went out was on Saturday for my first successful Parkrun (I'm still cheesing about that!). I've been desperate to run for the past couple of days so I was pleased to finally head out this morning. Being cooped up for work obviously doesn't agree with me!

The warm up walk was fine; I managed to cover 0.6km in the 5 minutes. I found it funny how people were looking at me walking for the warmup, but one thing I've learnt during this programme is just to ignore what other people are doing around you. I set the speed for 10.2km for my run, and I was pleased that I didn't need to slow down at all during the 28 minutes like I did on Saturday. I think the music for this week is a lot better than last week. I generally find the fast over-the-top dance tunes better to run to! I then upped the pace to 10.4km for the last minute, and couldn't believe when Laura told me to slow down. The treadmill told me I'd covered 5.79km including my warm-up and cool-down walks. I haven't bothered working out my overall distance yet!

I actually found running on the treadmill easier than running on concrete. I know I won't be the first or last person to say this, but I definitely found that my legs were less sore after I'd finished. It's probably a bit too keen that I'm looking forward to heading to the gym again tomorrow night to have a longer workout. :)

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10.2 km?! Well done! I've only done 1 run on a treadmill and I was knackered at 8.5km. In a field I guess I just run at my own pace and don't worry about it, but I'm seriously impressed with over 10km.


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