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Down but not out - week 6 run 3 fail :(

I had to stop with 7 and a half minutes to go. I made the mistake of taking an earphone out and hearing how awful I sounded put me off. I carried on walking through to the warm-down and was a bit miserable when Laura said she was proud of me and I was a runner....but I will be. I'll try again on Friday.

I had been feeling tired lately and it only struck me a few days ago that I hadn't been taking my iron tablets...then I realised that was because I'd run out. Things have been a little hectic lately and I'm hoping now that I'm getting back into my normal routine, plus iron, I'll be back on track with C25k next run.

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You'll do it. I think these week 6 runs are turning out to be very exhausting anyway so the lack iron must make it near impossible.


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