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Bye bye week 7........hello week 8 !

Well this is a day later than i expected but it still feels great! I had intended doing my last week 7 run on Monday but i spent Sunday walking along the coast with my partner and after such a long walk (20+ miles) my legs just didn't feel up to it.

So i decided to leave a extra day and try yesterday but to be honest i still wasn't feeling great in my legs. So i set off nice and steady thinking i'd try and make as much of the 25 minutes as i could but not expecting much but to my amazement i finished the full 25 minutes and felt like i could have carried on.

I can't believe how quickly ive gone from struggling through 1 minute to where i am now and i'm actually enjoying it. I look forward to running.... Me... I still can't believe im saying that and im looking forward to graduation because i now know i can make the 30 minutes.

I've said it before but it just cant be said enough, anyone thinking about giving C25K a try just go for it. Take it at your own pace and you can do it, what have you got too lose? I was worried at first that i couldn't run for the time it was asking but if you follow the program and have faith in yourself you will get there and as for worrying about not running fast enough i've realised now it's not a race. It's about taking up the challenge and building up the stamina to run for 30 minutes. You can think about pace after graduation.

Thankyou to everyone on this forum for your wonderful blogs and your support which is so important and inspiring and to everyone still on this journey or just starting out good luck, keep up the great work and well done your all an inspiration!

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What a great post. It's posts like this that have given me inspiration and the will to graduate.


Thankyou! (o:


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