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Folk are back in town

Started plan last week of July which meant that all through August this sleepy little town was pretty empty of its inhabitants - many Italians have beach houses nearby , mine happens to be 500km away in the south and for a number of reasons I shall not bore you with, this year, no holidays :-(

This week, slowly but surely, people are making a comeback. This meant I

a) had to negotiate cars while attempting to jog across a road and b) had to turn back on myself in the middle of second run because woodcutters with no previous warning had decided to chop down a tree in the park at 7 am - grrrrr. I then had to overtake another three woodcutters who where dawdling along smoking (i.e. I had to speed up and therefore exert extra energy whereas I normally try and pace myself to finish, rather than go for the gold medal). Never mind. Week 5, Run 2 and, once more, I did it! Unbeflippinglievable!

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Well done, Delia! You're doing really well. Sounds like a surfeit of woodcutters in your town! Never mind. You negotiated it all without disasters and you did it yet again! Fab.


Good morning Soozz, thanks and have a good day, D.


Well don you, keep up the good work. Pat


Good morning Pat and thank you so much 4 encouragement. Delia.


Well done!! I've got W5 R3 tomorrow - fingers crossed! Yesterday I did 20k out on my bike (my first ride in about seven years) and fell off - doh. So along with an aching bottom I've got a grazed and lumpy knee and a purple leg!! See, I'm getting my excuses in beforehand lol

Hopefully by the end of the week we'll both be on Week Six!!


Good luck carolinew - and well done for the 20K ride - I can't even ride a bike! I was born and brought up in London and my parents were terrified of my having a road accident so I never got to learn I know you will sail through tomorrow's run. Go for it!


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