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Beginning again, but from Week1Run1?

Hello all :-)

So happy to see so many postings about post-graduation runs. I was well on my way to finishing, happily finished week 7, but we went on summer holidays to visit family in Russia. I did not want to run by myself in Russia, as I don't speak the language etc. So, it has been about 7 weeks off, plus now almost two weeks back home. I'm not sure where to start again. I'm thinking to try week 5 run 3 and see how that goes.

I guess I am posting here to be sure I am committing again to the program, though if anyone has any advice about restarting, feel free to post below.

Happy Running!

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I went on my first run after a break of a month as I got a virus. I thought I would try week six run 2 with two 10 minute runs. It was a little tough but I managed it. I think that I will do this a couple of times and then try twenty minutes and if that goes ok I will go to the dreaded week 6 run 3 .... But open to other ideas!


that seems a good idea, I may try that too. Good luck!


I've done almost the same as Rhona. I had just finished the program when I had a gap of about 7 weeks partly due to injury. I've now started back and I did W5R2 (2 runs of 8 minutes), twice. Today I did the 20 minute run and now thinking of jumping to W6R3 and going from there. I think doing a run like W6R2 or W5R2 with two shorter runs gives you confidence that you can do the longer continuous runs. Its amazing how long your fitness lasts. Good luck!


Hey thanks! I think I will try these two runs before the 20 minutes... It is just a bit hard to get back into my rhythm with a toddler around. ;-)


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