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P184 Glad to have daughter (Jlow) on board

Great to have daughter Jlow on board as she pointed me to the web site and what a great day that was. Hopefully when I graduate on Saturday, we will be able to run together in the evenings as she's a busy, working, full time mom. I do my runs early morning when it's very quiet at the park. I haven't done much walking since I started C25K, been concentrating on stretching and my exercise class . But this morning we put our boots on and did 5.63km in one hour 5mins, dead chuffed. Still disappointed with my weight, I have only lost 3 lbs. Clothes are feeling better but I am not going to re-measure until the end. :-)

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It's good to be back on board mum, just hope I can do as well as you :-) x


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