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Wow! I've actually done it!!!

I finished W9R3 last week and I can't believe how good it felt. At the start, I honestly thought I'd never get there. I tried to run for the first time two years ago and followed the BUPA plan. I did a 5k event back then, but managed to get through that by a combination of running and walking and I really didn't enjoy it.

When I heard about the C25k podcasts, I thought I'd give running another go (although I really wasn't expecting to get through it without cheating a bit here and there!) When I started, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. Having Laura with me was a real help - she seemed to know just when I needed a boost to get me through. I stuck to the plan religiously - no cheating - and felt myself getting fitter each week.

Yesterday I took part in my second ever official 5k event. But this time, I ran the WHOLE distance. Didn't stop to walk once! I completed it in 33 minutes and I'm so proud of myself. I know I couldn't have done it without the podcasts. If you're thinking about whether or not to try it - give it a go! You won't look back. Thank you NHS and Laura.

I'm contemplating 10k next. Why not?!

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very well done. Doesn't it feel great? Now get your badge and order a tee shirt and then you can do lots more 5k events and even some 10ks! :) Fantastic!


Well done you! I hope to do some kind of event next year, maybe the race for life? I bet it felt great :)


Brilliant well done, I graduated yesterday :) Going to wait a few weeks then try a park run, need to do a bit of hill training as the route at the local park run is not flat!


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