Wow...I've just done my first Parkrun :) :)

W8R1 at Parkrun

Was really nervous and got there too early, but meant I could have another trip to the toilet!

Bumped into fellow C25Ker Dawn, which was great as we could be nervous together :)

Some of the lovely ladies from running club volunteer at parkrun, they ran and chatted with us, so neither of us were on our own.

Feeling so proud now, as I kept going and ran the distance :)

Think I was about 41 mins, just waiting for my result text :) better than I thought I could do, as further than I usually manage.

This is such a great forum, with so much info and support, I'm so glad I started this 7 weeks ago, it's going to help me physically and mentally.

Parkrun was really welcoming, supportive and well if you are worrying about doing one...don't be!


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  • Well done. It feels so good doesn't it πŸ˜† enjoy xxx

  • Thanks Dawn, looking forward to officially graduating soon :)

  • Well done you! I was going to go this morning but chickened out πŸ₯

    Now I wish I'd gone, I think the forum keeps me going its full of great info and encouragement.

  • Go next week, I was really scared but it was worth it :)

  • FANTASTIC ! Very well done for being brave enough to give it a go and a great result. Something to beat for next week now ;)

  • Thanks HenPen, yep, something else to aim for :)

  • really well done, so glad parkrun has been a very positive experience :D

  • Thanks Rob, everyone seems so supportive - looking forward to next week :)

  • Well done, it's an amazing feeling and the first one is always the hardest mentally so well done for taking that first step, because you don't know what to expect, I've just completed my 13th parkrun in a row and when I went I didn't think I'd ever be confident enough to volunteer I now volunteer in the morning before the run and today I was a tail runner for the first time, it's such a fantastic feeling isn't it, I'm sure you've done great, let us know what your time is and well done again :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Hi, thanks AW, volunteers were great, all round wonderful set up :) got my time as 40:17 so happy with that :)

  • Well done Deborah! Sounds like you had a great experience and great time you ran. I had my first experience at a very wet and rainy Parkrun this morning as well. Great experience. I found the last 1k tiring I have to say, but the feeling afterwards beat any discomfort. My phone tells me I did it in 43 minutes, just waiting on the official time now!

  • Thanks Mim, both of us newbies then :) had some lovely ladies running with me which really helped. Lucky with the weather here, rain had finished when we's to us next week :)

  • Yes I'm definitely going next week again. Got to see if I can beat my time... ;-)

  • Well done! By the time you graduate, you'll be managing 5k easily!

  • Gave me extra confidence today, as I know my body can do it :)

  • Brilliant, great effort.

    I am looking at doing a parkrun post graduation and have only heard great things.

  • Thanks Richard, think I may be a bit stiff tomorrow...been keeping moving about and stretching. Is your dog a labrador? We've got a lab and a lab cross...lovely natures :)

  • Fantastic, well done you! ☺

  • Thanks Noaky :)

  • Good for you, taking the plunge like that. Now you've got yet another running goal to keep your interest alive when you graduate in the near future.

  • Thanks Gary, I'm really looking forward to earning my shiny badge soon :)

  • Brilliant :)

    Love Parkrun :)

  • Thanks Goon :)

  • Well done you! I think you're incredibly brave running the whole distance at W8R1- brilliant! :)

  • Thanks Rainshine, just felt I had to complete it, and the girls running with me spurred me on :)

  • the awesome thing is, that you were able to physically and mentally you took it on :)

  • That's great to hear. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    How do we persuade all those forumites who believe that they aren't good enough for parkrun that they really are?

  • I don't know- but my goodness it's a great feeling when you break out of the 'I can't !' bubble into the 'what the heck, I'm scared but I'll give it a go!' bubble... I KNOW that posting yesterday about my worries and getting everyone's support was a huge part of why I was there at the start line. What a great support group, and virtual running group this is. We need C25K / parkrun combined !

  • It's a confidence thing and fear of the unknown! I've only read good things about parkrun, which was why I thought I'd just have to get on with it and give it a go. I was worried, and everyone made a real effort to be welcoming and supportive. I was 183 out of 189...and everyone was cheered in :)

  • Well done. Glad you enjoyed it. First of many I'm sure!

  • Yes, I hope to become a regular (and I would love to earn a t-shirt!) :)

  • Nothing like Parkrun to give your Saturday a good wee boost - congratulations on your first one - I found the first one very scary!

    Keep up the good work!

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