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Week 8 started - sloooww pace

Tough one again. I usually run in the evening after work but this was a morning one after a nice lie-in. I didn't have breakfast beforehand and felt a bit hungry during it. The sun came out again too so I was roasting again, and got a bit dehydrated. It felt quite hard and I didn't have much left at the end of it. I think I run better in the evenings when it's a bit cooler and I've had some nourishment throughout the day.

Almost forgot to mention the worst part - developed a stitch about 5 minutes in and it didn't go till I had about 5 minutes left Torture!

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I find it tough at any time of the day, lol. Well done for getting through your first W8 run. Not long to go now. :) If I run in the morning, before breakfast, I usually have a banana first. I feel like it helps to have a little bit of energy intake before I go out.


Yes, even when I run after work I often have a banana too. I just wasn't that organised for this morning. I'll try that next weekend :)


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