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Week 2 Run 3 complete

Well I never thought I'd make it but I have today completed the third run of Week 2. It's been really hard but I am still very motivated and am determined that even when I go back to work on 3rd September and have a massive workload I will find the time to keep on with the plan. I haven noticed that, even though I'm still panting and red when I get home and I am still finding the runs difficult, they are very slightly easier already. The thought of running for more than I am at the moment still fills me with dread but I trust in the plan and Laura is so encouraging that I will just give it my best shot.

One thing though, I noticed some discomfort in my right shin and left knee whilst running today and wondered if anyone had any tips. Unfortunately I cannot afford any running shoes at the moment and am running in trainers so don't know if that's the problem.

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Well done for making a good start :-)

I used to get shin/knee pain too but it's 99% gone now, week 5.

You might find some of this useful -

But I think proper shoes really do make a difference as you go on in the programme, I could never do the runs in my trainers - ran to beat the red man last week with trainers and thought, wow, what a difference. Running shoes give you so much more support. I know what you mean though, mine were the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought... If you have a birthday coming up you could ask everyone for a bit of a running shoe...

Good luck anyway!


Just had a thought, you could always get jogging socks while you're saving for shoes. They have padding in the appropriate places and they make a diff comfort-wise too. Aldi have good ones this week here.


Hi I had all sort of aches and pains in the early runs, now I take 2 paracetamol before I go and find it helps. Good on your journey. Pat


hi, ive just done my first run of wk 2. the first 2 runs i did i had lots of pain , on the third run and today i've done more stretching before and after and its seems better. Good luck for week 3, let me know how it goes - i'm dreading it.


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