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lol I've just found this site and have been reading so much about Laura. I'm doing a slightly different version of the c25k and just printed out the plan hence no pod casts and no Laura. My question is, I'm on the equivalent of week 6 and I now have a simple generic mp3 player, should I download Laura to help through the remaining sessions? I'm running on my own and finding it quite tough


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  • Definitely worth a try I think - for me, Laura is the good bit about this prog. The music's the less good bit, some is okay but a lot just isn't me, and I know a lot of people make their own playlists for the longer runs, and you must be just about there now. If you'd like someone popping up telling you how long you've got and giving hints about technique, then Laura's for you! I'll be keeping her till the end of the programme, anyway! :-)

  • The advantage of having Laura is that she gives notice of when to run and when to walk and hints and advice as you run. However, as the runs get longer, she interrups less and you have already reached the long runs without her. It might be worth downloading the podcasts and listening to them just to hear the advice, even if you don't run with them. There is also an app from Itunes called Get Running which uses the same intervals as Laura but no music so you can play your own in the background and a voice will tell you when to walk and when to run.

  • Laura was really helpful on the early, interval runs and told me when to run and when to walk. However, the music doesn't get better as time goes on(!) and I've been listening to my own music since I got onto the continuous runs. I'd suggest sticking with your own tunes (or an audiobook makes a good distraction), but then come here and blog about them afterwards and you will find you aren't alone. :)

  • Thank you for the replies. I've been using an interval timer which clips on to my shorts and beeps or vibrates (or both if you prefer) after the set time running and the set time walking which has suited me quite well up to now. I think I may just give Laura a miss and keep my own tunes on the mp3. I feel it's maybe a bit late to start a blog but I'm out running again tomorrow (2 x 10 minutes run and 1 minute walk) so I'll think about blogging after that. I'm really starting to fell like a runner now and love the fact that I don't smoke any more either :)

  • ** that should be "feel" like a runner - obviously lol

  • I am only starting week 4 and found this site after starting the program. I use a smart phone app which I can use my own music but a voice prompts me with instruction as I go for that week. I did download Laura and now, the day of my run, I listen to her to get her advice on breathing etc. I find I can listen to my own music and prompting but as I do each session, Laura's advice comes to mind. Great job so far!!!!!

  • I am in the same position starting Week 8! I wish I'd had some advice on breathing, but still, I seem to have survived and my own music is definitely very important to me now. and I am running fairly easily for 25 minutes non-stop, so maybe there's nothing magic about Laura- it's just the programme...

  • I hate to admit but I don't even have a mobile phone for these recommended apps lol

  • Just ran with Laura for the first time at Week8 Run1 and oh the difference! It did help me to have 5 minute checks on my progress and also to have that wee bit of encouragement that maybe I could try speeding up if I felt up to it. I was not noticeably faster but I think that was because I was running on empty after Saturday's ParkRun. Will definitely use Laura again. So much more of a personal trainer than that soulless American woman I've been listening to so far! Pity about the music...

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