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Feeling the best I've ever felt!!

That's 4x 5k's done this week and I am feeling amazing! I graduated last week and as a surprise my lovely hubby took me to Bath to have my gait analysed then treated me to some gorgeous pink Nike running shoes!!! Thank you to my forum friends again, couldn't have done it without you. If you at the beginning of this programme, trust it, it works!!!

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Well done debssey, those shoes must be red hot pink by now with all that running. Good work, keep it going. You'll have to try a Parkrun too remember, you will meet loads of lovely people there, all mad about running just like us ;)


Very well done and great that you're feeling great! Enjoy your new running shoes,


Pink running shoes! Oh my word ;)


They are gorgeous!! Never thought I'd be ooing and ahhing about running shoes!!!


Well done!

Pink running shoes, how lovely.



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