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I've just started the c25k

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hi all starting from saturday i will be on week 2 of the c25k and ive never done running before and i find this app very useful. Hope you all have good fun.

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Jessica, get into your mind that you need to push through the first couple of weeks and after that it becomes enjoyable, as I'm finding. Well done on your progress so far, keep posting.

thankyou i will not be defeated

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boptillyoudrop49Graduate in reply to jessicas93

That's the spirit Jessica!

It sure is we need to keep each other informed :)

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Go for it Jessica... slow and steady and you will get there! :)

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jessicas93 in reply to Oldfloss

Thankyou :)

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Welcome Jessica - you made a great decision to commit to the programme!

Thankyou I'll keep you posted :)

We've all been there and it's a great feeling isn't it. I hadn't done any running before and I still can't believe that I've gone from puffing my way round the first run on week 1 to being able to run for 30+ non stop in a matter of 9 weeks. Once you get to week 7 it's running non stop so you get that feel good factor really quickly. I couldn't do it without reading the encouraging provided by everyone on here so keep us up to date with your progress and with your positive attitude you'll make it.

Thankyou very much I will not be defeated it's the best thing invented running isn't it what running shoes would you suggest I'm just using some ones from sainsburys at the moment they're comfy you keep it up too :)

I'm probably not the best person to ask about shoes because I started with really old shoes that probably shouldn't be called running shoes. After that I went to the only local major store Sports Direct and bought a cheap pair of Karimor trail shoes before I knew that Sports Direct own Karimor. I only got them About November last year and already they are starting to fall apart so I'll probably have to get another pair quite soon. I think some of the good quality stores have a machine that allows them to assess how your running style and to offer the best matched shoes for your personal style. If you search for gait analysis I'm sure you'll find lots of advice. Some specialist stores offer the service although where I live I'm fairly limited and the closest chain store offering that service is DW Sports which is probably about 40 miles away.

Ok thankyou

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Welcome aboard Jessica, you have made a brilliant decision and you wont regret it !

This programme and forum are absolutely amazing .

Keep it slow and steady, and dont forget the stretches after !

Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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jessicas93 in reply to poppypug

Thankyou :)

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Hi there, I too have started this last week and planning to do week 1 run 3 tomorrow or saurday at the latest. Really enjoying it so far, know its early days but have amazed myself that I can do this! The buzz after completing the runs is amazing!

Good luck with week 2

thankyou you too i thought i would never run but it gets easier i think ive heard week 3 is hard but i wont let it defeat me :)

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