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Week 4

Done run 2 today but have had to have 4 days rest since last run, shins and calves not upto it. Gonna try & do run 3 on Monday which is all 3 runs in 7 days, however if the legs feel as shit tomorrow I may struggle to finish week 4. Not happy, been going pretty well so far, I think my poor legs have had enough of carrying the 16st body around.

Oh yeah, given up smoking as well so even more pissed off my legs are struggling to carry me.

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Well done for getting through W4,R2. It's always a good idea to give your body an extra rest day or two if you feel really tired/achey after a run. Have you got proper running shoes, as this can affect your shins/calves?

You are doing an amazing thing for your body, with c25k AND giving up smoking. :) Your legs may not appreciate you right now, but they will as you become healthier and make their job easier. After a gruelling run carrying my 16st around last week, I actually found myself thanking my legs! :-/ I'm just about to start week 9, and really couldn't imagine being here a few weeks ago. It won't be long till you are feeling the same. Best of luck. :)


Well done for doing W4R2. I found week 4 quite hard too. I agree with Legion about making sure you rest up in readiness for the next run. If it takes a bit longer to do the programme it really doesn't matter. Good on you for packing in smoking too - I'm sure you will soon feel the benefits of both the exercise and quitting smoking. Now might be a good time to reward yourself with some proper running shoes, I got them for W4R3 and they not only made a difference to my running but made me even more determined to keep going with the programme.

Good luck!


I started to really struggle at week 4 too, still managing but only just, i now have at least 2 rest days after each run and I'm doing really difficult ones more than once (if you've looked at week 5 each run is different) I think letting go of the time scale helped me, I don't mind how long it takes me to graduate I just hope that I will. I'm sure you will too x


Thanks all, I've got some pretty good trainers, addidas trail, they have good cushioning which to be honest without them I'd not have made it past week1. I mainly run off road, fields & a bit of forest so the addidas are pretty good. It just helps to know that it's not just me out there, I'm gonna do this if it kills me cos lets face the fags were gonna catch up with me sooner or later so I've got nothing to lose.

I'm gonna take the advise and give it the extra rest if I feel I need it, however watch out mon/tues as I'll be saying good bye to week 4 & slapping week 5 in the chops.



I'm full of admiration for you, Jharpin, not only starting the programme but stopping smoking at the same time. That takes a lot of will power! Keep up the running and the blogging so we can hear how you're doing. Good luck.


jharpin, i'm lighter than 16stone and don't smoke but i couldn't do the full w4r1 so well done you!!! this is why we need t-shirts now as you are a very good advocate for this programme. there's a lot of people who should take a leaf out of your book. thank you for your inspiration :)


Nothing inspirational here, just a geeza with a bit of an attitude problem who won't be beaten. Thanks all, really appreciate the comments.


Blimey - well done for giving up smoking at the same time! I've just done W4R2 and found this harder than any of them. But I decided to just keep going no matter what. Cos when all's said and done it passes, doesn't it and having seen all the people that have got to the end of W9, I trust that the programme works and I'm damned if I'm going to let a bit of tiredness beat me. If you manage to kick the weed and keep going with the running (which you will) then that will be an awesome change.


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