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wk2 run2

Ok so Ive missed 1 run this week due to really not feeling too good thursday evening so I carried on as normal this morning and got up nice and early for wk2 run2. It was quite nice in the early morning mist and eventually drizzle at the end. Was a tad slower today but Im not following this to become a fast runner Im doing it to become healthier and lose weight along side following weight watchers. And its working as I lost 4.5lb this week at weigh in and normally Im a steady 1/2 to 1lb loser so well impressed and Im noticing a difference in my clothes YIPEE.

So next week I will repeat wk2 to complete all 3 runs but for now its some lovey me time with a nice hot bath and pamper time :-)

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The feeling you get after a successful run is just fantastic, the weight and inch loss is a great boost too! Enjoy your me-time, you deserve it! ??


Well done you on the run and weight lose.:-)


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