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W1 Completed :)

I had to have serious words with myself tonight.. 8pm and still sat at the computer. So 8.15pm I'm out there, it's just getting a little dark so jacket was on although not for long. Just taken it off and tied it around my waist (such a cool look.... NOT), when the rain started!! Mind you, it was nice and cool, just one problem - my specs need windscreen wipers :( Overhead the local flock of young Canada Geese were making their daily trip to their beds, strengthening their wings as I was strengthening my legs.... I think they'll manage it before me though! Anyway, I'm waffling. I have finished the first week, hooray. Week 2 here we come ;)

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That's fantastic! What a great feeling you get after a successful run. I've just started Week 3 and am a total convert to the whole running experience! I'm becoming one of those people who go around trying to encourage everyone I know to get started! Managed to get my rather reluctant husband to join in and he's loving it! More power to our legs! ??


I agree to being a convert, It is nice to be able to get out for just 30 minutes (or less) and not have to worry about taking a car to get somewhere. Looking forward to week 2, keep listening to the podcasts and waiting :) Don't think I'll be able to persuade my husband though.... not cos he's a couch potato, more cos he does things like playing squash and sailing, he's not into running unless it's to get somewhere!!


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