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Week 6 run 2...worried about run 3

Difficult but done. On the positive side my brisk walk speed has really increased, from 5.3kmph back in week 1 to today's 6.4kmph. That encouraged me to up the speed on the run to 7.8 ..not too much more but enough to show I can do more. I dropped back down to 7.5 on the second 10 mins as I was really feeling tired, but I'm pleased that my usual speed has now become my tired speed; that's progress I think!

My breathing is somewhat laboured, though not bad enough to quit, I'm really huffing and puffing during the walk.

Why has week 6 felt so tiring? Can I do 25 mins on the next run? To be continued .....

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That's an impressive walking speed increase- well done! Bet you have found your day-to-day walking speed has improved too, as your stamina and fitness levels have increased. That's the real benefit of c25k and proof that you do have the stamina to keep going for 25 minutes next week, even if you have to slow down to finish. Great going. Look forward to reading wk6r3 success story :)


Thanks, and yes general stamina seems to be increasing... particularly noticable with walking up stairs or hills. Hope to be able to report back success, eek!


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