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After a month break - I've done W3R1!

So, as I said in my last post, I went to America for 3 weeks. I had planned on buying some trainers there so I didn't bother bringing any - big mistake. When I arrived there I realised it would be best if I definitely knew I would keep up with this running lark before purchasing trainers, especially if I want them properly fitted and thus a LOT of money (I am a third year uni student after all).

So yeah, I didn't run - at all. Thing is, I suppose it was for the best because it was BOILING and my pain in my left leg needed some rest (still not sure what it was).

So I came back feeling refreshed, and since I had completed week 2 before hand, I thought it wise to do the second podcast a couple more times.

I then moved on to Week 3 today and boy am I relieved!

Everyone on here seems to complain about the pain it causes, but my legs didn't hurt at all (apart from the damage I did in my left leg a month ago). The only problem was breathing - slightly concerned whether I am going fast enough? I've got long legs and its a lot faster than my average walking pace - I guess the aim is to go as fast as you can manage without too much strain or giving up during a run.

Anyways, I am really hoping I can keep this up once I return back to uni. There's a lovely lake on my campus so I might try near there when I return in 2 weeks :)

It feels great to work up a sweat again! (And not just because of the heat like it did in Florida!)

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well done! There's some advice on one of my earlier blogs about breathing and walking pace which may help. Go to tags- a-z, breathing and scroll for a blog called "some things I found useful". It sounds as if you are enjoying the programme and I envy you your uni surroundings- running round a lake indeed- lucky you ! :)


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