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Offically addicited - no run = sad me

Had the worst night sleep ever and woke with a cold and tummy cramps. I've made the decision not to run. Let's face it my legs are aching before I even leave the house today. Yet I'm sat looking out of the window desperate to go out. I'm not running I tell my body. We can go later if you still want to go.

Why is it still arguing its case then? Oh I think, is this what they mean by runners addiction? Oh, who'd have thought me of all people would get addicted to this. Overweight, over 40, over the hill? Apparently not.

Well body I can see you want to run, but today you are going to have to wait. My health is also important and you need 1 more recovery day before W6R1..... Stop arguing, my mind is made up. You'll thank me later when we sprint those 8min runs, well stagger, but in my mind I'm a female Mo.

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Bodies eh! They just won't be told! I've just finished W8 and I'm still waiting to enjoy running! I'd love an excuse not to run! Hope you're feeling better soon and can make your body happy again!


I don't know what it is, but my body always wakes me up early on running days (before my alarm).

Just think how great tomorrow's run will be after an extra days rest :-)


It is addiction! Spend a lot of my rest days arguing with myself!


I quite often want to run on rest days, but then not so much on running days. :-/ Today I really had to force myself to run. Glad I've done it now, but no way would I run if I felt ill. Having an extra rest day after W5,R3 is actually a very good idea. You feel great after such an achievement, but it is tiring for your body. Hope you feel AOK and are back out there challenging Week 6 soon. :)


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