A Sauna? No thanks, I'd rather Finnish!! (sic)

Ha, did you see what I did there? A sauna joke? Nothing is too much trouble.

Doing a run at 19c is NOT FUNNY! Us Scots people of gingery/freckly/blue eyed extraction do not cope with heat.

Anyway - connect.garmin.com/activity...

That was tonight's effort. I am reading "Sam Murphy's Run for Life, The Real Woman's Guide To Running, I was aiming to do 1.5 miles within my run at less than 13.47 which on P34's chart she calls "You Go Girl" The step before that is called "A Very Respectable Result" I did it (the You Go Girl) , but oh, I was dying at the end of the first 1.5m and as it was on a hill, I had to slow to a walk for about half a minute.

It turns out that trying to do 1.5 miles in less than 13.47 IS NOT GOOD MAVERICK, because I had to take it easy for the rest of the run and hardly made 6.3mph total. Gasp.com

Oh great goddess of nature, can we have Autumn now please? Tomorrow is my one year anniversary of my first run since I started the C25K and I'd really like to get a decent run in on Sunday because, to be honest, nine miles, which I'm aiming for, in the heat we had today, is not very funny. Don't get me wrong, I am all for an Indian Summer, but if you can do it just on the days I'm not scheduled to run, that would be convenient.

I have ordered some fast interval work out stuff from Audiofuel, to be downloaded over the weekend for next week.

Next report Sunday evening....



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7 Replies

  • Haha I'm terrible in the heat too! Very good sauna joke btw!

  • Ha! Sitting here in bed this morning my partner in life and run are both laughing.so much at your joke, the joke being that 19° is hot, here in the Algarve we jog regularly in 35° of heat, even at 8in the evening its often in the high 20 so if it was 19 she would complain its too cold. From a blue eyed blond Sassunnach

  • Its 25C here in Aberdeen this morning at Parkrun, never been known all summer, I'm really quite glad I was a marshal and not a runner, boy did our runners look hot today!!

  • I prefer running in the cooler weather so was out early this morning which means I can retire to the garden and enjoy the sun later

  • I prefer running in the cooler weather too - that's why I haven't done a Parkrun since May, I want to improve on my last PB, but in this 'heat' I would fail. My times have slowed down over the summer :-( Like AliB1 I went for an early morning run today too, but then I prefer running early morning because it frees up the rest of the day.

  • I'm reading these blogs right now to get inspiration to go out for a run cos it's 25 degrees here in the south. I'm thinking it's a bit hot but if I don't go in the next half hour I won't have time. How anyone does it in 35 degrees is totally beyond me.

  • Same here Diamondwitch, it must take some sort of extra toughness that us cold weather people just haven't got. You acclimatise to what you know lol.


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