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W4R3.... What has happened to me?!!!

Well............ at the beginning I struggled to run for 20 seconds. Today, the last run of week 4, I got to the end and Laura informed me my time was over and I should walk now....but I didn't feel like walking so..... I RAN for the extra 5 minutes then walked afterwards. Ok it was a slow run, but what a surprise considering my ability just 4 short weeks ago.

I even had a week break (between W3R3 & W4R1) when I couldn't run because I was away on holiday, but got back and managed to carry straight on where I left off.

For anyone starting out and thinking you'll never run for 60 seconds, 90 seconds.... 5 minutes! .... stick with it, you'll amaze yourself.

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I know, 8 weeks ago I found running for 60 secs to be difficult. Now ruining for 28, this program works!!!!


I know it's amazing how quickly the running bug gets you.. I've beenamazed that I am actually looking forward to the next run when I've only just finished one.

Am going to be doing my first run of w4 tomorrow so fingers crossed I will feel as positive as you.

Well done on running the extra 5 mins, very impressed.

Good luck with future runs.


Doesn't it feel good!!


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