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First run post graduation

well I graduated last Friday and it was the worst run ever, I really pushed it to get the 5K in 30mins (just something I wanted to achieve) and I wouldn't give in until I got it. Well I did do it but I pushed myself so hard I felt really light headed and sick after, this made me think I never want to run again!

I have been really negative about running since, my usual 'Laura' run would have been Monday, but I didn't go. It was like I was sticking two fingers up to Laura (like she cares) for making me hurt so much on that last run. I felt like if I didn't go on Monday then I win and she loses!! Weird I know.

Then I realised what an idiot I have been and that if I don't carry this on I am going to have wasted the last 9 weeks and the only person I would hurt is me. So I went, I thought I will just keep running until I can't be bothered anymore! I was just thinking I'll stop when I get to 3K then when I did I carried on and did 4K in 24 mins!! woohoo, can't give up now, need to get to the 5K without throwing up :-)

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So glad you didn't give up and came back fighting stronger, our inner voice can sometimes play with us, you told yours where to go :-)


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