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Bridge to 10K and C25K+

I am on the final week of the B210K programme I am following from Runningbug - I think I have managed to run through my fears about lasting the duration of a 10K route as week by week my stamina and distance improved. There's about 5 weeks before my 10K race end September - for those of you who have done parts or all of C25K+ what would you suggest I move on to next week- Stepping Stones, Stamina, Speed?

Ideally I would like to retain the format of the programme I am doing at the moment: two timed runs (45 mins per run this week) and then a long run on the weekend. Just rereading what I have written I think I would like to replace the timed runs with something from C25K+.

I am certainly not fast, and don't think I will ever be - running has been all about improving my health and breathing and therefore my asthma and in every long run there has been a point where I know I am running low on capacity and I slow down and concentrate on breathing till I have a good rhythm going again. BBUUTTT I also don't want to be the last one in on race day! I have put myself into the 1 hour 30 minutes starting gate, but would be so utterly chuffed if I can shave 15 minutes off that time.

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I have done all three of the C25K+ podcasts twice and I would do the speed one followed by the stamina, if I was you. You could try going out an extra day to do hill work or short fartlek sessions... The crowd on the day will lift you and make you go faster, good luck! Sounds like you are doing great!


Thanks for the advise and the encouragement. How often would you do the podcasts per week?


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