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Well that was a pathetic attempt at Week 7 - Please don't be mad, Laura!

Today's run (Wk7R1) is definitely up there as one of my worst runs so far. I chose a different route today that was closer to home along a cycle path, but compared to my usual views of a beach front, I found today's route to be unbelievably boring. I think because the whole route looked the same, so I had no sense of distance and I couldn't compare my distance/speed with my previous runs. I was also running on my own today (I normally run with my Dad), which I found a lot harder than I thought. I now have a new-found respect for independent runners!

I started off with my warm-up walk, which was interrupted by a group of school-aged tourists. Once I had finally overtaken them, one of them shouted at me to 'start running'! Let's just say this didn't put me in a very good mood. Then when I started running, I found it so bad that I gave up after about 15 minutes. I was going at what felt like snail's pace up until then - great! When I turned round at the halfway point, I saw that the path goes uphill. I've never run on a hill before! Ok, so it was probably only a 'slight incline' if anyone else was to look at it, but this hill seemed to go on... and on... and on! Hence why I mentally told it, and the podcast (sorry Laura!) where to go.

Honestly, I probably could have finished the run if I had really set my mind to it, but my legs were tired, I felt out of energy (I only had half a banana before I came out) and all I wanted to do was slow down and walk. But stopping is the worst thing you could possibly do, especially if you know you can finish it. I spent most of the way back walking, but had short bursts of jogging when I felt like it. I also felt that listening to my own blaring music made me feel a tiny bit better, but my legs still felt like they were made of lead.

I feel completely de-motivated after today. I managed the same run on Sunday absolutely fine, which hasn't helped me feel better about this morning. I'm hoping that after a days rest, I can try the run again (with my Dad for company and motivation) and feel a wee bit better about attempting my first Park Run on Saturday :)

P.S - Sorry for moaning and whining for so long!

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We've all had runs like these, so try to chalk it up to experience and move on. Even an incomplete run is helping to build stamina, so try to look on the positive side of what you've accomplished so far. Have a good rest day and enjoy your next run. :)


I don't think there is a single graduate on here that hasn't had a similar run that you have just described. Don't be so hard on yourself, put it behind you and look forward with a positive attitude to your next run. It would be a good idea to try the same run with your dad that way when you succeed you will not have a mind block about it. So next outing is to be leaving the house with a very positive frame of mind. Its amazing how much of this running lark is down to the mind and not just the legs :) Good luck, you'll be fine.


Thank for for the encouragement :) I've had a similar run before, and I've just put it down to a bad day. I think I'll head out tomorrow night and have a proper attempt at it! My normal route is completely flat so I think the slope today came as a bit of a surprise! I'm feeling a lot better about it now and I'm keen to get back into the programme with a positive attitude :)


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