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Fell UP the escalator in Tesco! Will I manage W5R3 tomorrow?

Only I could fall UP an escalator. The thing had broken, and instead of being sensible and taking the lift, I decided that the 'new' energetic me would run up the steps. I tripped at the top and ended up on all fours, much to the amusemement of my sister! The really annoying thing is that I am worried that I will not manage my run tomorrow - W5R3! Of all the times to bash and cut my knees. I was worried enough before this set back. Has anyone any advice to ensure that 'striding edge' doesn't veer off track in this journey and perhaps suffer a more significant slip?

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If you've injured your knees (especially if they're swollen) then give yourself extra rest day/s and some anti-inflammatorys, rather than risk doing more damage. Having a few extra days off won't hurt your progress, but running on bad knees might, especially when it's the first biggie. You will surprise yourself when you do this run (it really isn't as scary as it seems) and an extra day or two off might actually make it easier. Take care of yourself and remember that it's better to take it slowly than risk an injury that could keep you off running for longer.


Sensible advice from Legion. Hope your poor knees aren't too badly bashed those escalator edges are darn sharp. Maybe a good idea to postpone for a couple of days and just do a gentle jog/walk run to see what happens before trying the big one. Good luck.


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