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Week 9 Runs 1&2 - Only one to go, get the champagne on ice!!

W9R1 - did this with my two running buddies last Wednesday evening. One had a gadget that measures distance and we ran 4.65k in the 30 mins - well pleased!!

R2 - Solo for this one. A very hot, humid day so when I ended the 30mins I was doing my best beetroot impersonation ever but decided to carry on for a couple of minutes longer just to try running further.

Can't believe that tomorrow or Tuesday I will be doing my last 'Laura assisted run' and hopefully asking for my graduate badge - watch this space!!

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Woohoo avagomo well done, just about there. So now is almost the time to go onto iTunes and download the new Podcasts so that you have them ready to rock and roll when you feel the need. The other option is just to listen to your own music for a while and just enjoy being a graduate and run a mixture of distances and speeds to try and increase your overall distance. Very well done, I hope you enjoy your last run as much as I did, I just about bounced around my route I was so darn excited ad chuffed with myself as you I'm sure are too. :)


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