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Bagpipes, heavy stanes and fit runners

Today DS participated in a half-marathon in Nairn that was one of the events at the Highland Games. I went along to 'savour the atmosphere' of the runners and hope some of their energy would magically rub off on me. It didn't!

As we walked down to the links the bagpipe competition was in full flow and the whole area had a happy buzz with competitors, family supporters and visitors.

I watched the runners set off then I set off in a different direction to do my 30 minute run as per Week 4 podcast. I thought it would be a pleasant change to do this along the riverside path heading out of town. It started off fine, but slightly warm, but then I got lost! (yes I know, you'd think the 'riverside path' simply stuck to the side of the river) and I ran across an open parkland in the blazing sun. I realised my mistake and doubled back - and had to pass a group of blokes enjoying a bevvy on a park bench a second time (they bloomin' wolf-whistled at me :-( ) - but lost a bit of momentum. I eventually completed the 30 minute walk/jog, and continued walking for another 20 mins to a bridge to find a geocache. I then had an hour walk back. By this time I was seriously gagging for water, and although I routinely drink the water from highland burns with no second thoughts, there was no way I was going to risk the river water here in the middle of this rich agricultural landscape.

I arrived back at the Highland Games just as DS finished his half-marathon run to the accompaniment of the massed pipebands, and the swing of kilts from the 'heavy event' competitors - shot putters, hammer throwers and those big guys chucking the 28lb weights.

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Wow what an eventful day, you made me feel as if I was there (almost) the atmosphere sounded great. I often drive through Nairn on my way to visit son & family in Caithness, looks a nice place. Well done on your run/walk, walk, walk you must have been very hot even Aberdeen early in the morning was hot yesterday. Good luck with the rest of your programme runs.


Nice to hear of other C25K's here in the Highlands! It has been a hot weekend! I suffered in the heat doing my canal path run on Saturday. Lots of events at the Caledonian basin and I envied the people boating on the canal1


Hi mietjie. I saw all the activity on the canal when we passed the Caley basin on Saturday. I think I may try running long the canal path in Inverness towards Dochgarroch some day - it will be nice to have no hills at all for a change!


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